The Story Behind Our Reusable Bottles

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“That’s a cute bottle ❤️”
We get that a lot. Of course, it’s the latest trend in the Bubble Tea culture and Over the Rainbow ? has gotta catch it and bring it to you!

But there’s much more to this reusable bubble tea bottle. If you frequent Japanese or Asian supermarkets, you may notice tiny milky drinks sold in packs of 5 called “Yakult Non-fat Probiotic Drink”. The trending bubble tea bottle is shaped after this Yakult bottle.

Yalkut originated in Japan, and has been around since the 1930’s. Many kids in Asia grow up having Yakult like we have yoghurt—as part of breakfast, as a snack, and so on. However, we all know from our parents that drinking too much Yakult is DEADLY ???!!! You can get sick ?, you can turn into all kinds of color ???, your stomach can explode… ?? The reasoning behind the myth is still unknown, but we suspect that it’s because Yakult is not cheap!

The giant reusable “Yakult joke” inspired bottle is a culture of rebellion. We will drink a huge amount of bubble tea, show off doing it, have fun, and be OK ?!

By the way, if you’re curious what Yakult tastes like, try the “yogurt flavored” drinks at Over the Rainbow. It might just be your favorite drink ever after ?

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