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Over the Rainbow Bellevue


stay cool during Seattle bellevue heat wave

If you’re feeling a little blue, we have just the thing for you. We know that the depressing winter in Seattle and Bellevue can make it hard to get motivated and get stuff done, but with our delicious drinks and friendly staff, we are sure that will change. Our bubble teas are made from high-quality ingredients so every sip will make your taste buds happy.

When you think about boba bubble tea, you may be thinking about cold drinks, but we have just the perfect hot drinks to warm you up in this cold season. Make sure you order some hot fluffy bubble waffles to go along with your yummy winter beverages. Now isn’t this better than being sad? Let’s go get some rainbow boba together at our Bellevue or Renton location right now! 

Don’t forget to check out our full menu, and try our house-made toppings!

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